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Sailing in Annapolis, Maryland:

AYS Yacht Charters, has teamed up with Navigare to offer Annapolis sailing vacations on either a sailboat charter or catamaran charter during the months from April through November.

Chesapeake Bay Seasons & Climate

Maryland's location on the Chesapeake Bay in the Mid-Atlantic provides warm days and evenings most of the summer with chances of pop up showers in July and August during the evening on the hottest of days. Days that begin overcast and cool can transform into brilliant and warm afternoons during the spring and fall sailing seasons. The winds during the spring and fall are more favorable for adventurous sailing mostly coming out of the north and west.

The local coastline is irregular and rugged but very forgiving with many coves and hidden rivers that lead upstream to quaint villages on the eastern shore and some bustling cities and ports on the western side. There is something for every type of sailor. The ideal summer conditions, including relatively long days with ample daylight well past 8pm, allow for many hours of play and recreation.

Our Annapolis sailing season lasts from April 1 to November 15 and weather for the season varies from month to month:

Early season temperatures for April and May average highs of 50-60°F during the day and down to 40-50°F at night, with occasional precipitation. Expect possible morning Fog during the spring season. High season days of July and August are wonderfully warm & enjoyable, with average highs of 80-90°F during the relatively long days, and down to 75-80°F at night. Precipitation is lighter and less frequent than the spring. Look for fireflies in June that light up the sky and the endless beautiful sunsets over the Bay.


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