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Lastly and most importantly, Tammy and I want to thank you, Roy and the whole AYS team for doing an absolutely fantastic job with the boat.  We can not begin to tell you how much we appreciate you calling me back on that Sunday two weeks ago.  Then, you and Roy being willing to drop everything on a Sunday evening to meet us at your dock was amazing.

I had also called Keith that Sunday and he called me back as soon as he got the message.  We appreciated not only him returning our call on a Sunday, but also his willingness to come and help.

We were absolutely sick about what happened to the boat.  As you well know, these boats are a huge investment and to think that it would be ruined through no fault of your own was incredibly disheartening.

I can’t begin to explain how much it meant to us to have you and Roy meet us at the dock and assure us that you would take care of the situation.  When we saw you and Roy immediately jump into action, that was incredible.  We actually felt guilty for leaving that night, but we knew we would only get in the way.  It was a long ride home that night, but we knew if there was anyone who could make it right, it was you and Roy.

Our relationship with AYS goes back more than 15 years.  We have always trusted AYS and more importantly the people of AYS.  That trust was not broken and we appreciate that more than we can ever express.  Thank you once again for the incredible customer service.

Your loyal and appreciative customers and friends,

Mike and Tammy Everitt
Bleu Flue
Beneteau 45

Mike and Tammy Everitt

Many thanks for an outstanding weekend meeting new people, making new friends and fabulous presentation by everyone at AYS. Look forward to the next one. Food excellent and loads of fun and great gifts.

Many thanks for an outstanding weekend at the Rendezvous, meeting new people, making new friends and a fabulous presentation by everyone at AYS. Look forward to the next one. Food was excellent and loads of fun and great gifts.


Robin Garelick and Jay Rickles
I couldn’t let the week go by without a hearty “thank you” to your service folks for the quick repair to our fresh water pump system on Sea Symphony over at Annapolis Landing Marina! 
Indeed, I very much appreciate all the work that you folks have done on Sea Symphony this past year, including flawless fiberglass repair as well as excellent recommendations for sail repairs and lettering work. I am ever pleased and proud to be a Beneteau owner.
My best to all,
I really appreciate your prompt attention and accommodating my boating needs.  I've been a customer of AYS for more than 25 years because guys like you are responsive and very good at what you do to satisfy us.  Keep up the good work!  
Thanks again,
David Leach

I recently had my new (to me) Meridian 459 moved to your facility, dismantled for shipping, and then reassembled by your team led by Tom Turner. From the first discussion with Tom I had a positive feeling that things were being handled with the highest professionalism. This was a huge job that was done very well.I will always have great things to say about your company. I felt that my very expensive boat was treated exceptionally well. Please let the crew know how satisfied I was with them. ~ Rich Malin

Rich Malin

Gordon Bennettt of Annapolis Yacht Sales showed us a Beneteau 40 on, perhaps, the coldest and windiest day of winter in Annapolis.  He did so with a smile and a can-do attitude.  His knowledge, honesty and positive attitude were refreshing; we decided that he’d be the broker for our boat search.

Throughout the two month-long process, Gordon was the consummate professional.  He listened—not a common trait—and recommended vessels based on our desires.  Throughout the process he was attentive, responsive, and up-front about possible issues/challenges with the purchase of our boat.  He went the extra mile—and for that he has our gratitude.  I’d recommend him instantly to any friends looking to purchase a boat.

Mike Govern
My wife and I had been looking for the "one particular" sailboat for sometime. After numerous visits to see boats advertised that fit the bill only to be see a boat that didn't in anyway match what was described by the broker. That all changed when we encountered an ad for the boat we eventually did indeed purchase from Annapolis Yacht sales and brokered by Gordon Bennett. What we experienced was a level of professionalism we simply hadn't seen anyone come close to. The boat was exactly what was in the ad. It was clean and Gordon was knowledgeable about the boat - we ended up buying it! But that was just the beginning. Gordon walked us through the entire process from survey to paperwork to closing. He was responsive and when he said something would be done by a particular date/time it was. He provided us with an excellent recommendation for a surveyor and actually went with us on the sea trial on a very nasty cold and windy day. 
The survey pointed out a couple things that needed to be taken care of before we closed and he made those happen. He even replaced our zincs, not on the repair list, at his own expense - way above the call of duty. He even offered to pick me up at our new marina and give me a ride back to our boat so I could sail the boat there and have my own car to get home. 
Gordon, Annapolis Yacht Sales and Bert Jabins Boat Yard were all very professional throughout the entire process. We know our boat wasn't exactly the highest priced boat in their brokerage, in fact it may have been the lowest priced, but we were treated as if it were the highest priced boat. While it's unlikely we'll ever be in the market for another boat I heartily encourage anyone searching for that "one particular" boat to give Gordon a call - you won't be disappointed. 
Sam Farrar
Jeff & Anne

We happily bought our 2005 Wauquiez 40 PS right from the factory in France through Annapolis Yacht Sales, and after successfully circumnavigating the world on a missionary voyage 13 years later, family on land needed us near, so we naturally chose Gordon Bennett at Annapolis Yacht Sales to sell our beloved yacht.  Gordon, as well as the entire Annapolis Yacht Sales and service team, expertly priced our boat, designed a state of the art world wide marketing presentation, and carefully prepared our yacht for the US and global market.  In only a short time our boat sold, making us and the new owners very happy.  Gordon is easy to work with, always reliable, professional, and is extremely knowledgeable about yachts.  We are 100% satisfied with our experience of buying and selling our yacht through Annapolis Yacht Sales, and we wholeheartedly recommend Gordon Bennett as a yacht broker, and Annapolis Yacht Sales as a brokerage to represent either the sellers or buyers of a sailing yacht.   

Jeff & Anne

The entire experience was very enjoyable from introduction to delivery. Outstanding job by Mike Skreptack in guiding us and being extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the boat. No pressure at anytime, just answered questions and made things happen. He researched several accessory options and helped us choose the best ones. Jessica was awesome in the administrative process guiding us through the registration and delivery process. Matt, our familiarization Captain was awesome and made sure we were comfortable with every aspect of the boat. Highly recommend this experience to anyone.


Team, thank you both for an exceptional delivery. Looking forward to my Edgewater experience on the water. You've confirmed my belief that AYS is THE premier boat dealership on the Chesapeake. Glad to be back for a third boat purchase. Have a great day!

Dave Reager, MARYLAND