Harbor Daysailers


Family, Friends, and Fun is Harbor Sailing. Steve and Tom Schock blended the classic beauty of a traditional daysailer with state-of-the-art marine technology. While the Harbor Sailboat presents a graceful shearline counter, its thoroughly modern underbody and rig make for a fast, easy-handled contemporary daysailer. The result is a competitive, cost effective and easy-to-use boat that will always be in style. With incredible stability and loads of conveniences, the Harbor Sailboats can be rigged in minutes and sailed single-handedly, or with a group. There’s no better opportunity to share sailing excitement with friends and family on the Chesapeake Bay and the surrounding waterways-whether they’re seasoned sailors or not. Harbor Sailboats are offered in 14, 20, 25, and 30 feet.

Check out this article in Sailing World Magazine about Tom Schock and the his impact on the sport of Sailing.

Harbor Daysailer 30


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Harbor Daysailer 25


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Harbor Daysailer 20


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