Greenline Hybrid


World’s first serial produced hybrid yacht. The largest hybrid fleet in the world. Honored with 21 International Boat of the Year, Design, and Environmental awards. Greenline Hybrid has been highly acclaimed by the boating community and proven to be a prestigious contender in the world of yachting.

The Greenline Hybrid exemplifies the:

Environment. If you want to keep our most beautiful boating spots in the same pristine condition as when we first discovered them while providing a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. A Greenline Hybrid is your answer.

Efficiency. This is how we use energy (especially energy derived from fossil fuels), important natural resources, and our financial assets. Efficiency is why Greenline Hybrid invented the protected Superdisplacement low-drag hull, which, although it is not designed for fast planing speeds, it uses much less energy to move through the water. As for financial assets, Greenline Hybrid is more cost-effective to buy and use than any comparable boat, thereby offering incredible value for money.

Technology. The Greenline Hybrid is a state-of-the-art vessel that offers great performance, reliability, and user friendliness. With her hybrid propulsion system, solar roof, low-drag hull and unparalleled comfort, the Greenline Hybrid is ready to meet any challenge.

Comfort. When designing and building the Greenline Hybrid, the main objectives were maximizing your well-being on board and your enjoyment during a relaxing cruise. The Greenline Hybrid comes with greater ease of handling, airy interior spaces, and more fun than any other boat in its class.

Greenline Hybrid has started a new era of responsible boating and is shaping the future of boating. There’s no better way to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay than with this eco-conscious, high performance, stylish yacht. Come see these yachts TODAY!

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